Library and Media

You can search the inventory via the search engine of the University Library of Salzburg (UBsearch). Materials in the archive are indicated as follows: “FB Unipark Derra de Moroda Tanzarchiv”. There is also a printed catalogue: The Dance Library. A Catalogue. Compiled and annotated by Friderica Derra de Moroda. Edited from the Manuscript left by the Author by Sibylle Dahms and Lotte Roth-Wölfle (München 1982). The catalogue is also available online: digital version in pdf

Usage and Lending books

It is allowed to read and copy books within the library. Copying is allowed, as long as reasons of conservation do not prohibit copying. Particularly with regard to old publications, picture books and some others, the book scanners should be used, which are to be found in the middle of the library. Using these scanners protects the original sources. The scanners may be used for free, and you can save your scans directly on a USB stick.

Parts of the inventory can be borrowed for usage outside the university building. Students of the University of Salzburg may use their general student card to lean books from the info point. To retrieve a library card for free, please fill out the form at the info point at the main library of Salzburg (Hofstallgasse 2–4). Books that have been acquired by the university after the donation (after 1978), which concerns books from signature DdM 9100 to present, as well as digital media, are allowed to leave the library building. The online catalogue “loan policy” shows, whether you are allowed to take sources home or not.

For the purpose of loan, please come to the archive during the opening hours and take the books out of our shelves autonomously (or ask the student assistant for help) and let the staff at the info point in the entrance of the library register the book/media onto your library or student card.

In case there is no possibility of coming during the opening hours, we are able to offer you two further solutions:

  1. You can order books and media by mailing title and signature information as indicated in UBsearch to Angelika Steger (angelika.steger[at] The items will be stored under your name at the info point at the library entrance. Please respect that this service can take up to a few days.
  2. In exceptional cases you can address the staff at the info point at the library entrance with the title and signature information as indicated in UBsearch. At peak times this can require longer waiting procedures. For this is charging additional expanses for our library team, we kindly recommend you to make use of this service only for very reasonable cases. 

Reproduction and copies

Taking copies for private usage is allowed as long as there are no conservatory objections against it. Please take advantage of the scanning machines provided in the center of the library, which enable you to scan directly on a USB stick for free and treat material with care.

For further requests of reproduction please contact Dr. Irene Brandenburg: irene.brandenburg[at]

A selection of digitalized books and media from the Derra de Moroda Dance Archive are successively being provided through the publication server of the University of Salzburg. This server is currently under construction.