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Martha Navaridas & Alexander Deutinger

Fandango And Common Consciousness or: How we take the art of playback to the next level

Scan Derra de Moroda Dance Archives: La Danse du Fandango. Lithografie (1700-1899), DdM ic B 152 - Lithography (1700-1899), DdM ic B 152.
La Danse du Fandango. Lithografie (1700-1899), DdM ic B 152.

Departing from the image „La Danse du Fandango“ from the Derra de Moroda Dance Archives, we combine the text of a video-lecture held by neuro-scientist VS Ramachandran in 2009 with extracts from Giacomo Casanovas Memoirs from 1768 and a music recording of a „Le Fandango Varié“ by Dionisio Aguado from 1835.


Conceptually, we base our performance lecture on a variety of imitative strategies: We copy existing text material and mirror given movement material while shadowing pre-recorded audio material (via in-ear speaker) and replaying existing music. In other words, we simultaneously hitchhike, pirate and playback for the sake of creating a new game. The rules we set up and the materials we play with turn out to communicate with each other in unpredictable ways.


We are as unoriginal as possible and come up with solutions for self-created problems.


After all,

the imitation of complex skills is what we call culture and is the basis of civilization.

VS Ramachandran1


Navaridas & Deutinger


1VS Ramachandran: The Neurons that shaped